Though undergoing a cosmetic surgery may be seen as a purely aesthetic choice by many, it has many psychological implications as well. It’s a known fact that everyone wants to look and feel attractive. There is nothing wrong in desiring to look a certain way.

The Beginning

Cosmetic Surgery had a very noble beginning. It all started out as plastic surgery. The sole purpose of these procedures was to correct cleft palates in children to make their lives normal and more fruitful. The first successful plastic surgeon was Francois Chopart who conducted the first ever cleft lip operation in 1793.

It was also used to help burn victims achieve a better appearance. Soldiers and prisoners of war who were without certain parts of their faces now had some hope. Reconstructive surgery helped them lead a better life. The first of the plastic surgeons were a dedicated lot. However the roots of plastic surgery though go a long way back and have even been mentioned in ancient Egyptian scripts as well.

Cosmetic Surgery- The facts

According to research it was found that more than 16 million plastic surgery procedures were carried out in 2014 in America only. Since plastic surgery is popular across the world, you can imagine the number of procedures which might have taken place.

The roots of cosmetic surgery can be found in the human psyche. The desire to look and feel beautiful is what prompts millions of people across the world to go for a cosmetic procedure.

Most people strive for that and are often able to present themselves just the way they want. However cosmetic surgery is simply just one of the many tools which people use to make them look good or presentable. Before you actually reach out to a cosmetic specialist in Melbourne (such as this clinic), make sure read the following to get a fairly good idea regarding the procedures for anti-wrinkle injections.

The following are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures

  • A Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. This is done by reshaping and firming the abdomen to give it a more svelte appearance.
  • Rhinoplasty or a nose job to enhance the shape of the nose.
  • Reshaping the eyelids or blepharoplasty. This is especially popular amongst the Asian community. It involves reshaping the eyelids and removing a flap of skin to make the eyes appear larger.
  • Breast augmentation or reduction. Breasts are augmented to give a fuller appearance and reduction involves the removal of glandular tissue or fat deposits under the chest. This procedure is usually preferred by men suffering from gynecomastia.
  • Buttock implants and lifts. This involves the use of silicone gel prosthetics and stretching the excess skin on the buttocks to make them look fuller and curvier.
  • Liposuction which involves fat reduction using a suction technique. It gets rid of the adipose layer of fat. However aftercare for liposuction requires exercise and proper diet to help maintain and enhance the effects of the surgery.
  • Anti wrinkle injections applied to the face (commonly known as Botox) relaxes the muscles to prevent creasing and to give the appearance of younger, less wrinkled skin.

Any surgical procedure which you will undergo would require a stay in the hospital. You should have a detailed talk with your cosmetic surgeon regarding the duration of your stay and all the aftercare which you might have to continue when you go home.

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