There are considerations to make before hiring a venue and sometimes, making the decision from a keyboard would not be the best thing.

  •  Target audience and guest list

While using venue booking software or any other online booking systems, it would be difficult to actually know if your venue of interest would be suitable for your event. For instance, would the ambience be suited to your target audience and how many people do you plan on having at said event? Some venues would be perfect for a wedding reception or maybe even a Quinces party but the same venue might not be ideal for a fundraiser. Similarly, the guest list would also play into your decision. You cannot tell how big or small a venue is until you actually go there and have a look yourself.

  • Venue knowledge and experience

Most venues have a gallery available on their online platform showing their past events. You may want to have a look at these to have an idea of the layout options and maybe even ask for references (which would actually be at a discounted price). While doing this, you may also want to talk to the staff and have a feel of their service. This way you will know whether to retain the in-house staff or bring in your own.

  • Venue fees 

A talk with the venue management can give you an idea of whether or not your venue of interest is within your budget limits. Some venues have this information readily available on their websites but with others you may have to make an appointment with the people in charge. In addition, be meticulous with the venue fee research. Let the event management let you know what is and what is not considered in the fee. Sometimes, the hidden charges can be quite frustrating to an event planner especially when you are forced to go over budget.

Less than fifty years ago, the work that went into getting a venue for your event required you to have actual boots on the ground. To visit the various choices as you check off the pros and cons you may or may not have listed down. However, with the milestones technology has made lately, everything is different. You can check out a number of venues and even book one without actually having to leave your home or work station, The technological advances have made venue management incredibly easy to do this using various venue booking systems and venue scheduling software.

  • Additional perks

Some event planners would want to hire a venue that offers various services as a package deal. Some of these additional services include valet parking, ticketing, audio-visual services, catering and floral arrangements. Sometimes, such a deal would be quite attractive to an event planner because it ensures that they would centrally deal with one person.

Like I said before, venue hunting has become much easier over the years but some old school tactics like ‘having boots on the ground’ still count for something. It is however important to note that as a planner using the online platform, you may want to get the full experience and narrow your search by posing as a guest rather than a planner. This will give you a full and maybe even better view of their services, staff and property.